Pep: When Barca wins, I'm Not Happy

Josep 'Pep' Guardiola revealed the reason for stepping down as coach of Barcelona. He claimed to have lost a sense of who he trained with the team since 2008.

Pep himself admitted disbelief can train Lionel Messi et al for a long time. Until the end, he felt there was something strange in his emotions, Pep admitted he was sad when Barca lost and is not happy when his team win.

The former AS Roma player is enjoying life now. Therefore, he is not thought to re-train.

"I can not believe I spent my life with the Barcelona coach. When it is a stage of life that I enjoy, but nothing more. Until finally I got when I was no longer sad or happy when we lose when we win. I lost taste like and that's why I went, "said Pep.

"I enjoy the beautiful times in New York and I'd lived there for a year. Like I said, I'm not going to coach this year and then, if I feel like exercise, I would train, but not this time, "he continued.

Men from Spain's Barcelona also revealed the secret to success when they dealt him to successfully achieve 14 trophies from various competitions.

"They all love football. That is the secret of Barcelona, because when you do the love, then everything will work out good.They would come to practice and exercise initiative, "he said.

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