Entering the 2012-2013 season, not just the club, the coach, or the players are introduced in three of Europe's elite leagues.

New ball will also be coloring competition English Premier League, Italian Serie A and Spanish Primera Liga.

The new ball produced renowned apparel company Nike and named Maxim.

The ball is an important instrument in the sport of football.

Can affect the quality of the ball game, even the outcome of the game. In the last two major tournaments, Jabulani (official ball of the World Cup in 2010) and Tango 12 (the official ball of Euro 2012) criticism, especially from the goalkeeper, because difficult to tame.

Jabulani and the Tango 12 is Adidas apparel products. Nike learned from these conditions by launching a ball named Maxim.

Maxim is claimed to have several advantages when compared to Seitiro, the ball last season was also used in three of Europe's elite leagues.

Advantages, among others, the five layers of wrapping the ball. Thus, the simple sticky ball at the feet of even the spinning conditions.

Carbon layers of latex made six wings to accelerate even faster upwind.

Layer flow mi-kro also maintain stability and improve accuracy when the ball was kicked. While nitrogen foam layer also expanded to Maxim resistant to all weather conditions.

Not only that. Maxim offers a new technology, among others, The Geo II Balanced for ball aerodynamics. Also RADAR (rapid decision and response), a piece of technology allows a player to see the ball well despite the high fraction of a second.

Before the official goal-line technology introduced FIFA, radar can be a solution to minimize cases of phantom goal. Therefore, Maxim was using bright hues and sharp contrast so that the ball clearly visible to spectators in the stadium and those watching from the screen.

"Maxim has been through standardized tests in the laboratory and field with satisfactory results.

We are also working with the University of Bri tish Columbia, "said General Manager of Nike Italy Andrea Rossi as reported by the Italian Football.

For Serie A,Maxim has its own color characteristics, ie, a combination of green and red. While in the Premier League and the Primera Liga blue and red.


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