Mourinho, Pep Reasons Not Backward

Josep Guardio have officially resigned as coach of Barcelona. However, he insists if his decision had nothing to do with his rivalry with Real Madrid coach, Jose Mourinho.

Guardiola quite successful in dealing with Barca since his arrival at Camp Nou 2008. Noted he was offered 13 titles in various competitions Barca.

Unfortunately, this season achievements unsatisfying as Barca knocked out of the Champions League and should not compete in the race for the league title with its rivals, Real Madrid. The only thing that might be achieved is the Copa del Rey Trophy.

Seeing the results of the decision immediately led to speculation when Guardiola quit coaching chair since losing competitiveness with Mourinho.However, Guardiola flatly denies the accusation.

"Is Mourinho influential in the decision to go (from Barca)? Not at all "said Guardiola as reported by ESPN on Wednesday (02/05/2012).

"I also have many other opponents, but against coaches like this is clearly not going to make you tired. That can make you tired is when you have to keep working and win something, "said the coach who is now aged 41 years.



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