Ayre stands by Suarez

Soccer today with Luis Suarez / Liverpool

Luis Suarez has the full support of Liverpool following the latest controversial incident involving the striker.

Suarez clearly handled the ball as he put Liverpool 2-0 up in the FA Cup third round win at Mansfield on Sunday but the goal was allowed to stand as officials concluded it was a deliberate offence.

Manager Brendan Rodgers jumped to the defence of his player and Ayre insists the club are fully behind the striker, who has come in for some undue criticism this season.

“There have been plenty of decisions which have gone against Luis this season,” Ayre told the Liverpool Echo.

“These things seem to follow Luis around and it’s unfortunate, but he has our full support.

“He’s a fantastic player who makes a huge contribution to the club. Knowing Luis, it won’t affect him as he’s a very strong character.”

Although Mansfield manager Paul Cox declared Suarez had done nothing wrong, chairman John Radford slammed the player for his actions, claiming he was embarrassed by the Uruguay international.

Ayre, however, was surprised by Radford’s comments especially after Cox’s statement.

“I was surprised when I read his comments because Mansfield’s manager and players showed a lot of dignity after the game,” he added. “It’s nonsense to say that I was embarrassed.”


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