The presence of Swansea and West Brom in the last four Premier league is the fruit of hard work of Michael Laudrup and Steve Clarke in gathering tactics and boost the performance of the player.

However, the pattern of the game they have now read your opponent.

Entering the fourth week Premier league, two black horses will undergo away games. Swansea's visit to Villa Park and Craven Cottage to the Baggies.
Odds second candidate host.

Instead, the Baggies are considered difficult to achieve at home to Fulham despite poih Romelu Lukaku has been able to Interestingly, in the ranks of the traditional elite were only two clubs this week amid a fuan the home, Arsenal and Manchester United.

The rest is more struggling in the duel in the cage opposite.
Even so, it looks like Chelsea, Manchester City, Tottenham remains the favorite to win points in the game match kick.

The match was difficult to guess the result is artara Everton and Newcastle at Goodison Park Section, Magpies miss a lot of players including goalkeeper them reliably, Tim Krul.


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